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Rejoice Church - A Filipino International Christian Fellowship

1144 E Donegan Avenue • Kissimmee, FL 34744 • United States • 407-344-0312 • Interdenominational

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Welcome To Our Website

Rejoice Church is a bible-based fellowship located in Kissimmee, Florida. It was founded in 2001 by like-minded believers who wanted to reach out to Filipino Americans and other ethnic groups in the Central Florida area.

Since inception, The Rejoice Church continued her work with fervor developing a community and global outreach. It adhered to her value of being a “local initiative with a global impact”. Through her partner organization, the non-profit, Asians the World, the group established the LifeKeepers Network, a case management and counseling program that reaches out to individuals and families with mental issues in the community. Coordination of food, housing, transportation and medical assistance were extended to the homeless and the needy. The NorthStar University was established to provide educational and career programs to people who needs training and opportunities to serve locally and globally.

At Rejoice, you will experience the five F’s – Faith, Fellowship, Friendship, Fun and Food. There’s lots of laughter and love from all of us! People who visited Rejoice always exclaimed, “What a small church with a big heart!”

You are warmly welcome to the fellowship of joyful people and we pray that as you do, you will receive an inspiration from God that will motivate and propel you to reach for greater spiritual heights!

About Us

The mission of the Rejoice Church is to make and empower Christ-like disciples everywhere.

We are commissioned to take the Good News of life in Jesus Christ and to spread the message of Christ-like living everywhere (Matthew 28:19-20).

We connect together individuals who have made Jesus Christ Lord of their lives, sharing in Christian fellowship, seeking to strengthen each other in faith development and empower them through worship, preaching, singing, training, and service to others.

We Glorify God by Connecting together in Commitment to Christ-like living to demonstrate Christ’s Compassion to the world.

While the primary motive of the church is to glorify God, we also are called to actively participate in His mission—reconciling the world to himself.

Rejoice is a community of sent people—into homes, work places, business, communities, and as well as other cities and countries. We are ORDINARY people – chosen to be servants - called to do extraordinary things made possible by the person of the Holy Spirit in Building the Kingdom of God.

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