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The Pavilion of Praise Ministries

2916 N. 35th Ave # 5 • Phoenix, AZ 85017 • United States • 602.388.9702 • Pentecostal

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We would like to welcome you to The Pavilion of Praise Ministries webpage. On behalf of our Senior Pastor Quentin and First Lady RoShann Colter, we pray that you are blessed by the information you see here and we look forward to having you and your family join us for one of our weekly services. Our slogan at the Pavilion is that “We are the PERFECT place for IMPERFECT people!!!” If you are currently in need of a church family, we invite you over to the Pavilion of Praise.

We make this promise to you that if you come by, you won’t regret your visit. We strongly believe in being family and genuinely loving each other, while exemplifying true holiness and every member being involved in this ministry through dedication, unity and oneness. At the Pavilion, you will find a group of individuals who love God for who He is and do not mind worshipping and praising Him in the beauty of Holiness. Pavilion of Praise is known in the Phoenix area as “the church that HAS church!” We love to praise God through singing, dancing, clapping, running, and any other ways members choose to get their praise on. We care more about the souls of God’s people than what they wear to church or their status in life. Our Pastor’s slogan is “Same God-Same Message, Different Day-Different Methods” which simply means that there are some traditions that still work and are mandatory in order to make Heaven but there are some traditions that are no longer effective in ministry today. Lastly, if there is anything that we may have missed on our website, please feel free to email us and our administrative staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

May God continue to bless and shine upon you.

The Pavilion of Praise Ministries COGIC



The Pavilion of Praise Ministries is a place where the hurting, depressed, frustrated, confused and abused can find authenic love, acceptance, help, hope, total forgiveness, guidance and encouragement from a spiritual family. (Vision Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17)


The Pavilion of Praise Ministries is a church that displays the authenic love of Christ and connect or re-connect the unconnected back to Christ through our intimate worship, unrestricted praise and the Word of God, while providing a spiritual shelter and restoration. (Mission Scripture: Jeremiah 24:7)


About our Pastor & First Lady:



Our Founder, Elder Quentin E. Colter Sr, who is a handsome and unique son, was born to the parentage of Minister Jasper & Missionary Frances Colter in Phoenix, AZ at the Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center on June 9, 1982. Quentin was a fine healthy boy weighing twelve pounds twelve ounces. He has been married to RoShann Renee Colter, affectionately known as “Nay Nay”, for 14 years as of July 23, 2015 and has three sons Quentin Jr (10). Quevion (8), and Qui’Shaun (3) and his princess and heart, Qui’Anna (5).

During his elementary schooling, Quentin showed much ambition as an adolescent and was transferred from the regular public school system, Jorgensen Elementary School to an accelerated school called Palmdale Elementary School due to his outstanding abilities.  He also attended South Mountain High School and later enrolled in the Omega Academy were he graduated within two years. Exhibiting the courage, faith, and strength instilled him by his very strong maternal insistence, Quentin excelled in his studies and continued his educational pursuits whereby he graduated from the Apollo College and received his Associates of Arts Degree in Computer Software Engineering and Network Database Administration. He has just recently completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Information Technology. He was a straight “A” student and was offered and accepted into the Alpha Chi National Honor Society. Since his graduation, he has recently enrolled into his graduate program at Grand Canyon University, where he plans to earn a dual Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Christian Studies. He also desires to attend Grand Canyon University to obtain a Doctorate’s Degree in Divinity and Christian Counseling.

Pastor Quentin is very gregarious and enjoys people of all backgrounds and ethnicities, which lead him to seek employment in various vocations, such as, working as a School Teacher, School Bus Driver, Security Guard, Cashier, and other jobs until he started his career landing a position in the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, and from there has moved up in several city departments such as, City of Phoenix Water Department, the Phoenix Police Department , City Clerk Department, the Information Technology Department and now serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Director in the Finance Department. Pastor Quentin has been employed with the City of Phoenix for over the past 14 years and prior to being hired on full-time with the city, he was a non-paid city volunteer for over 4 years.

Quentin is not big on having a “title” whether personally or in Christendom, but he is known affectionately by many people all across the state of Arizona, as “a preacher’s dream musician” or just ” the maestro”. He is no longer only a musician and a preacher, but he has been called out by God for this assignment of being the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Pavilion of Praise. He has a great anointing on his life with the gift of laying hands. At the age of 8, God had honored his prayer life so much that after he laid his hands on those that asked him, that signs and wonders had followed instantly thereafter, such as individuals being healed from cancer, from diabetes, from cigarettes, from alcohol, from demonic oppression, and much more. 

Pastor Colter has served as the minister of music for the Emmanuel COGIC of Phoenix, AZ as well as served as the Emmanuel District Youth Choir President, the Emmanuel District Youth Department President, the Arizona Jurisdictional Youth Mass Choir President, and in April 2012 appointed as the Southwest Regional Youth Mass Choir President, under the International Youth Department of the COGIC. The Lord has not stopped elevating him. As of March 2013, God led our shepherd to move the Pavilion of Praise Ministries into the California Southwest Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ and because of his obedience to God and not man, our Pastor is serving as the Assistant Superintendent and the Finance Chairman of the Empowerment District of the California Southwest Jurisdiction of the COGIC. At the conclusion of our 53rd Annual Jurisdictional Holy Convocation, our Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Hillrie H. Murphy, appointed our Pastor as the Vice President of the Youth Department of the California Southwest Jurisdiction. To GOD be the glory for the things He has done. We thank God for the doors God is opening for our leader!!! We know that God is not through blessing him for the BEST is yet to come.




Our First Lady, Co-Pastor RoShann Colter, also affectionately known as “Nay Nay” is the daughter of Minister Eugene and Sister Sherry White of Phoenix, Arizona. Lady RoShann Colter is the oldest of five children. She is the proud mother of four beautiful children (Quentin Jr, Quevion, Qui’Anna & Qui’Shaun) and the only wife of our Pastor whom she married at the age of nineteen. Lady RoShann received her elementary education at Julian Elementary School and received her High School Diploma from Intelli-High School. Lady Colter continued her education at Gateway Community College where she received her CNA certification. She then continued her studies and became a Registered Nurse, which is still her current occupation of ten years. It is Lady Colter’s goal to continue her education and become a Physician’s Assistant and open her own clinic in the Phoenix metro area. With being a full-time employee, mother, wife, our Pastor’s personal assistant, the First Lady and recently appointed as our Co-Pastor of the Pavilion of Praise Ministries, she stills finds the energy and time to spend helping and visiting those that are in need of assistance, whether driving them to where they need to go or just to sit and spend time with them, she is truly a woman of compassion, always seeing the “good” in people. Her passion is working with young women from the pre-teens to the young adults. Lady Colter currently serves as the Empowerment District Youth Department Chairlady as well as the Assistant First Lady of the Empowerment District beside her husband. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and hanging out with her husband, sometimes even if it is in a church setting, due to her husband’s “many” responsibilities within the Church of God in Christ on the district, jurisdictional and national level.  In 2012, First Lady passed the COGIC Women’s Department Ordination Board exam with one of the highest test scores of her class, with the jurisdiction licensing her as a Missionary within the Church of God in Christ. Lady Colter is truly a virtuous woman who loves God and loves God’s people. We are grateful for such an amazingly sweet Pastor’s wife and we are looking forward to what God has in store for her and the women of “The Pavilion!”

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