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Church of the Holy Spirit (CEEC)

8041 S Shields, 10413 Hollyhead Way • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma • United States • (405) 816-0905

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Ancient-future worship

Do we really need another church in the Oklahoma City metro?  Yes, if that church welcomes all people and is focused on the main thing - Jesus and His life.

Luke wrote in Acts 2:42 that the earliest christians gathered together to hear the Apostles' teaching, to enjoy fellowship, to receive Communion and eat together, and to pray together.  The following verses also say the Spirit was in their midst and gave gifts to to help every person grow in their faith, share their faith, and meet people's physical needs.


Is this what church looks like today?  Sometimes it doesn't seem like it.  Church of the Holy Spirit is these things, and we welcome you.

Friday Worship 6:30 pm and Sunday Worship 9:30 am at our Shields location, 8041 S Shields in the Chapel, Oklahoma City, and Morning Prayer m, w, th, f 6:30 am at our Hollyhead Way location, 10413 Hollyhead Way, Yukon/OKC (the Hollyhead Way location is a house).

We do the worship of the early church in a modern way that is awe-inspiring and  draws us closer to Christ.  We call it "ancient-future" worship...and it's pretty awesome, it's beautiful.

Our worship is relaxed, yet reverent.

We don't care about your background or what you look like - hair, tats, piercings are normal to us. Come dressed how you like - t-shirts, jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, sandals, barefoot...

Come and check it out.




What kind of church are you?

We're a convergence or "3 streams" church.  We're

- evangelical...Christ is the way, and we believe and teach His Word the Bible

- Spirit...the Spirit makes us more like Christ, and indwells and fills,and gives fruit and gifts in the lives of God's people

- liturgical and sacramental...we worship with a beautiful order of worship, and our Lord uses physical things to connect with us - such as Communion, baptism, laying on of hands for healing, etc.

We're a "bridge church" between protestant and catholic, with elements from both... ancient-future worship - we do the worship of the early church in a modern way that is awe-inspiring and draws us closer to Christ. 

And we're relaxed christians, thoughtful christians...we enjoy life.

Church of the Holy Spirit is a work of the Order of St John the Beloved, part of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches Province USA (, a worldwide family of churches, ministries, and monastic orders emcompassing the Anglican and Celtic traditions of the church.

Come and see!

To reach a pastor for prayer, questions, someone who will listen - (405) 816-0905.

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Our Services & Events

Weekend Worship -

Friday 8041 S Shields (Chapel)

6:30 pm

Sunday 8041 S Shields (Chapel)

9:30 am

Morning Prayer

(10413 Hollyhead Way)

6:30 am M, W, Thu, F

Pipe Club

(sporadic TBA)

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