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Genesis United Methodist Church

300 North 42nd Street • Louisville, KY 40212 • United States • 5027723551 • United Methodist

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Welcome to the BEHIVE!

The BEE is a hard and tireless worker, not for themselves but for the swarm. The bee works in complete cooperation with the other bees and does so without dissension. The bee protects the queen, refuses admittance to enemies, builds, makes honey, and lives in a society ruled by order. Christians must work as a unit to accomplish great things. The builders of old worked as a unit to build the great cathedrals. They could not work alone and expect to build the mighty edifice. Everyone had to do their part, take pride in their assignments, and work in cooperation to complete the cathedrals. As Christians, we are building that spiritual building eternal in the Heavens. Industriously working to Believe, Belong and Become.

From our Pastor

First, thank you for taking the time to read this website. We at Genesis United Methodist Church are stepping out on faith and making attempts to be more of a community church. We want to offer a safe place to worship and celebrate their love of Jesus Christ our Lord. We welcome one and all as you are. Don’t have church clothes… come as you are. We want you comfortable to join in the celebration.  

We offer several ministries here at our church. From the smallest to the oldest… anyone wanting and willing to work in the kingdom house is more than welcomed. You don’t have to be a member… just have belief and an open heart. Can’t wait to see you in the house of God!

~Pastor Thomas Moore

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