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Life Empowerment Assembly

Akpakpa • Cotonou, • Benin • +229 97587106

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Welcome !

Life Empowerment Assembly is a congregation of Bible believing people striving to put Jesus first in every area of life. We are focused on Jesus and centered on the gospel.

No matter who you are, what you have done or what your background may be, our church is a good place for you to find grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus. Jesus Christ is the Head of his Church and every Christian is a part of His body.

In Life Empowerment Assembly, we speak life, we speak encouragement and we speak of the power to become who you are made. Changing minds to understand their purpose on earth according to our maker.

About us

The church is a vital part of a Christian's life, so we highly encourage every Christian to be an active member of a living church.

We strongly believe that God does not put any limit to what He does for a believer, neither does He set any limit to what a believer can do through His Grace. Every apparent limitation is set by man, not God. As his nature is, God always has eternity in mind in everything He does towards His children.

Our church is made of different people, cultures, backgrounds and languages but we are one in Christ, earnestly desiring that the love that Christ showed on the cross will flow out of our lives, impacting the communities and building each other in the faith.


Pastor Duke Alfred

Senior Pastor

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