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Church of God Luxembourg

10 Op der Delt • Reckange, Mersch 7597 • Luxembourg • 812383 • Church of God/Cleveland

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National Church of God

We are a part of the family of the Church of God Cleveland TN. We have three congregations planted by language in the highly multicultural and multilingual country of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We may only be a country of 998 square miles with 560,000 people, but there's a lot here for such a small land.

Orginally a very Catholic country, Luxembourg is now highly aetheistic and a challenge for the Christian faith, but that light burns bright in many congregations.

God is blessing us with an excellent network of committed leaders from various denominations and none.

Our Congregations

Oasis Church of God is English-speaking and has around 42 nationalities meeting at 72 Dernier Sol, Luxembourg City (

El Shaddai is French-speaking and meets at 67 rue Dominique Langue, Dudelange (

El Faro is Spanish-speaking and our latest plant, meeting in Gasperich, Luxembourg City - information from the Oasis Pastor Pietro Colaci (

Map & Directions

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Our Staff

Graham Kettle

Pietro Colaci

Giovanna Colaci

Adama Ouedraogo