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Clare Uniting Church

Victoria Rd & Guilford St • Clare, South Australia 5453 • Australia • 0438259206http:// • Uniting (Australia, NZ, etc)

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The Importance of Jesus Christ

Hello, we are local Christian church, eager to share with all, the good news of Jesus Christ. We believe this is important news for the world.

We believe that God has made known his love and grace as Father, through the gracious, kind and sin-bearing ministry of his Son, Jesus, and that the Spirit of God has been 'poured out' upon all flesh to bring us into a rich, renewed, forgiven, sure relationship with this True God. 

We hold to the Apostles Creed. 

The Christian Faith in Public Truth. The death of Jesus, 'crucified under Pontius Pilate' is a matter of human history,

The Resurrection of Jesus is the mighty and most astonishing event in history, apart from the creation of the world.

We look to the Apostles (New Testament writings) to help us understand and interpret all that this means for humanity, and for the fulfilment of the prophetic Word found in the Old Testament.

We meet weekly to worship God, to hear God's Word to us, and to receive from the Spirit of God, the guidance and dynamic we need for human life.  We begin the Christian life through baptism, and receive the Lord's Supper to strengthen faith as we go.

All ages worship together, and we seek to serve and honour all peoople in the wider community. We also have a special focus on familes, children's ministry, youth group and caring for the elderly too. Everyone matters. Our public worship seeks to be helpful to everyone.

The Old Testament is read in the Light of Christ

The Apostles enable a transformed view of Israle's life and history - in the light of the arrival of the Messiah. The Old Testament is now read through the eyes of Christ crucified and risen - and the convenant obligations of the Old Testament people - are fulfilled in the grace of Christ. 

Nations of the world can eat crayfish, and pork freely. These obligations given to Moses community, are not incumbent upon us.

The arrival of Jesus in the world is a new factor which—as the human race takes it into consideration, along with all that it means—produces a society which is eager to serve, honoring of all people, full of hope, and able to hold forth a genuine, well-grounded message regarding eternal life which enables a person to live with rich anticipation in everday life now. 

Christians (though they are not always) should be glad to be accountable to others for weaknesses and failings. Grace has come to the world and to Christian people, enabling forgiveness to be lived out in all sorts of situations.

We would be glad to share the things we know with you.

We pray for the Living Lord to act, and wait upon his power at work in our midst.  Requests for prayer are welcome.

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