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I.J Ministries Of Montgomery

1811 Withers St, • Montgomery, AL 36104 • United States • 334-834-0600 • Non-denominational

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About The Apostle

Apostle Martell Watson is the father of 5 children and 2 grandchildren.Apostle M. Watson and Pastor Veronica Watson started ministering in the year of 2001. Where their goal is equipping the minds of the lost, as Pastors they have made a commitment to there Lord and Savior esus Christ to do His will. At the age of 17 Apostle Watson was shot and left for dead, growing up in the streets of Lansing,Mi. But God had a plan for His life, now as SR.Pastor of I. ministries He is doing what God has instructed him to do. And that is preparing the minds of the lost for Eternal Life.

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Sunday School

9:45am Sunday

Sunday Worship

11:00am Sunday

Bible Study

7:00pm Tuesday

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Martell Watson

Veronica Watson

Ruby Grays

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