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Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

4301 Cypress Street, • Tampa, FL 33607 • United States • (813) 874-1092 • Other

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Mission Statement

We believe the word is true and inspired by God and is without error (2nd Timothy 3:16). We believe Worship is first and foremost an encounter with the living and holy God. (Exodus3:5-6) and we will take every advantage of every opportunity to worship and praise the Lord.(Psalm 81:1-3). Mission begins with us and we must use all resources to meet needs (Mat.25:35-40)Jesus commands, and compels us to witness, and our witnessing is based on the authority of Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:18-20) Our responsibility is to witness; we can't determine who will respond (Jonas 3:4-5 Therefore reaching the lost is essential in God's will collectively and individually. We will strive to fellowship that will unite and encourage us to love and edification, because fellowship is a gift from Christ and others benefit from fellowship with us (Heb.10-25). We will promote prayer what will strengthen, heal, and help all those in need. Prayer is an opportunity to demonstrate our trust in God. (Gen. 18-22-24). We believe in Godly leadership that promotes maturity, because church leadership works when all do their part (Neh.3:1)and every believer has an important area of service (1 Cor.12-12). We will promote discipleship that will bring believers into complete obedience in every aspect of there Christian lives (John 15:8). We will most importantly promote love that abounds and that is not selfish, but brings harmony and oneness in God's house of worship (1 Cor.13:1-13)

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School


Morning Worship



11:00am First Sunday

Childrens Church 2,3,4 Sundays


Prayer Meeting

Wednesdays 7:00pm

Bible study

Wednesday 7:00pm

Our Staff

Frank M. Watson Jr.

Pastor •

James Copeland

Chairman Deacons Board •

Jack Cross

Chairman Trustees Board •

Lillie Calhoun, Assistant Lorraine Wiley

Church Clerks •

Bessie Jones, Rosa Mae Scott

Church Mothers •