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Restoration Bible Church

2000 East 2nd Street, • Austin, TX 78701 • United States • 512-785-4715 • FWB

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Many Christians preach FORGIVENESS, but how many of us pactice what we preach? take for example; Joseph in Genesis 50:15-21. His brothers had tried to kill him and then realized he was in a posistion of power and want his help, and begged him to take mercy on them. He told them that was not necessary and forgave them. Can we look ourselves in the mirror and say the same?


The concept of Restoration is that you are REBUILDING something. We can only rebuild if we were once destroyed, but also have the desire to follow Christ in knowing that he is the way for our Salvation. Jesus will always be there for you, but you have to decide to be there for Him and be a new creation untio the Lord!

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