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4420 Bonnie View Rd, • DALLAS, TX 75216 • United States • 469-324-0700 • Pentecostal

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Our Motto

"Sinner be Saved, Saved be Sanctified"
Living Life Traditional Holiness Church Inc. is a church, set out to provide social and spiritual empowerment through the teachings of Yahshua Christ and by the endowment of the Holy Ghost. We are committed to exploring the power of Yahweh (God) through faith in His Word. We strive to be a place of refuge, peace, hope, joy and most of all a place of holiness unto the Lord.

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Our Services & Events

Sabbath Day School

11:00 a.m. Saturday

Sabbath Devotion & Prayer

11:30 a.m. Saturday

Sabbath Worship

12 noon Saturday

Charity Begins at Home

Every 1st Saturday

Our Staff

Jesse A. C. Majors

Michael Hughes

Marilyn Majors

LaShonda Jackson