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Cooinda Hall, Oaklands Park • Adelaide, South Australia 5000 • Australia • 0434330150 • Non-denominational

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A new way to do church

We are a group of believers in Adelaide, South Australia, who gather regularly for a shared meal and a conversation about Jesus. We are non-denominational, non-judgmental, and we don't take up a collection.

We approach life with the sure conviction that our powerful God loves us unconditionally, desperately and deeply. He longs for us to reach out for him and find him, and simply 'be' in his presence. Instead of lining up in row after row of chairs to listen to a weekly Bible lecture, we focus our gatherings on a shared meal as a recreation of the Lord's Supper. Instead of the full weight of Ministry being carried by a few celebrities, every believer can and should contribute a "hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue or interpretation" in our gatherings. There are no spectators! The church is not a business, and we do not focus on making money or on corporate power. We don't ask for 'tithes', because the Bible only ever tells us to "give what God puts on our heart to give" especially for helping the poor and needy. more information at

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