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Living Stone Community Church

265 A North Avenue, • Washington, PA 15301 • United States • 724-206-9071 • Non-denominational

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Dear Visiting Friend,

The Lord Jesus taught that the greatest commandments are to love God and one another. We seek to obey these two great commandments through the power of the Holy Spirit.

At the same time we believe Christians are called to live holy and humble lives in an age when immorality and pride are promoted as virtue.

On a regular basis at Living Stone you will find expository, biblical teaching that exalts the sovereign God of the Bible, lively worship and smiling caring people. If this is the kind of church you are looking for this may be the place for you.

Come experience worship with us and get to know us. Wherever you are in your walk with God we would love to encourage you along the way. And come as you are, you are welcome here. 

We desire to Live Serve and Love Jesus- and lead others to do the same!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Paul Harrington

What to Expect

Worship at Living Stone is diverse and blessed. Although the gospel is presented at every service, worship times are prepared primarily for the edification of the saints of God to lead them in the worship of God: Father, Son and Spirit.

Led by Director of Worship, Mr. Shawn Caldwell, we enjoy all styles of music, from traditional to contemporary.  We believe all kinds of  instrumentation, reverently utilized are beneficial for worship of the Lord God. In addition, drama, dance and a precision group all contribute from time to time to our gatherings. (By the way, these groups do feature people of all ages, but are a primary fellowship point and ministry for the youth of our church.) Of course, worship would not be complete without teaching from God’s Word. Pastor Paul, using the expository method and holding to the Biblical-Calvinist view of the sovereignty of God, delivers biblically centered teachings each week.

Although you are welcome to bring your KJV, NKJV, NASB, ESV or others, Pastor Paul generally uses the NIV 2013 translation of the scripures as his primary text. You are invited to the media page of our website to listen to a wide variety of sermons for your encouragement and strengthening.

From young children to adults our church is committed to educating our attenders in the teachings of the scriptures.

We hold a high view of God’s Word and believe that every Christian should be thoroughly equipped to handle it in the context of their own life. Sunday School is one of the focal points of Christian education to accomplish our committment. We have classes for every age and use Standard Publishing curriculum in most cases. Thursday nights we have Bible Study. These studies are generally verse by verse through various books of the BIble- but will be topical in focus at times. See the church facebook page for postings about the current study.

In all of these meetings, regardless of age, our approach is straighforward with joyful hearts- but with no desire to simply entertain attenders. 

As a church we are very concerned with the current trends in American Evangelical Christianity away from the study of scripture and toward an environment of entertainment. 

If you share similar concerns- and just want straigtforward teaching from God’s word- Living Stone is a place you will find it. There is spiritual food for the famine here.


Come join us!

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Our Staff

Paul Harrington

Pastor-Teacher •

Shawn Caldwell

Director of Worship •