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Gods Power Ministries

Corner of Calliope St & Military Rd, P.O. Box 1067, Merrylands-NSW 2160, Aus • Guildford, New South Wales 2161 • Australia • 0061297601067 • AOG

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Vision Stament and Motto

Vision Statement: To aise up Champions fo the end-time havestnbsp; though pophetic- payes and the wod. Motto: "Powe Belongs to God"

About the Man of God:

Pasto Richad Owusu Amoaye is the Senio Pasto of God's Powe Ministies and the Founde and Chaiman of Rescue Missions Foundation; a Chistian NGO which seeks to take God's wod to the undepivileged all ove the wold. e has also been an itineant ministe fo almost a decade, taveling extensively; Afica, Euope, Noth Ameica and Austalasia. Anointed in the ministy of the pophetic, his teachings have touched countless lives ove the past decade. is intense passion fo teaching and pophetic paye is bon out of his pesonal expeience. e has been instumental in evival in many pats of the wold in his own small way. Pasto Amoaye believes that the diffeent evivals that have come acoss the nations of ou wold wee a esult of paye. Thee is no substitute fo paye; paye is the lifeline of the believe and the chuch of Jesus Chist.nbsp; As a gifted speake and teache, Pasto Amoaye addesses citical issues affecting individual, social and spiitual development. The cental theme of his message is; "encouaging people to undestand the pinciples of God and teaching them to be esponsive to God in ode to attain is divine blessing." Above all God's gace and unconditional love plays the undelying facto of Pasto Amoaye's teachings. e is well known fo his pactical way of elating biblical pinciples to today's needs. Pasto Amoaye was fomally a Senio Associate Pasto of Powe Chapel Woldwide based in Kumasi, Ghana. e was a Diecto of Enin's elp Foundation, a Chistian NGO a subsidiay of PCW, which suppot small scale businesses and help the needy to lean a tade. e was also an Assistant Pasto of Living Wod Woship Cente, Sydney. Pasto Richad Owusu Amoaye's ability to declae God's mind has eaned him numeous invitations to chuches acoss the globe.

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