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Bethlehem Church of God In Christ Inc.

4400 Wilbarger Street, • Fort Worth, TX 76119 • United States • 817-536-7750 • COGIC

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We will be celebrating 31 years of pastoral services and leadership with our pastor and first lady. The Bethlehem Church of God In Christ, Inc. was founded by Elder J. David Lewis, this organization received its charter from the State of Texas on December 18, 1998.during this celebration, The Bethlehem Church of God In Christ, Inc. Congregation, Members and their families gather with the community at large to recommit themselves to the Spiritual Enrichments and Christian services to others. The Old Fashioned Church That Prays Until Something Happens.

"The Old Fashioned Church That Prays Until Something Happens." We do earnestly pray that the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ remain with our community throughout all generations, that God Enlarge Your Territory, and that you Be Blessed Indeed, and we come together to share this historic celebration of rich history of service to others, to the Honor and Glory of God, For the Welfare of the People. In His Service,

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

9:30am Sunday

Sunday Morning Worship

11:30am Sunday

YPWW/Sunday Evening Service


Prayer Band (Bible Band)

7:00pm Tuesday

Pastoral Teaching & Ministry

6:30pm Wednesday

Prayer & Morning Manna

10:00am Saturday

Our Staff

Elder J. David Lewis

Founder & Pastor •

Vera L. Lewis

First Lady •

Stephanie Lewis-Boatner

Business Administrator Director •

Jacqueline Grimes-Walker

Elder Eric V. Boatner

Adjuntant & Ministerial Staff •