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Living Word Life Changing Worship Center

124 South Cicero Avenue, • Chicago, IL 60644 • United States • 3126180355 • Non-denominational

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Who We Are

Living Wod Life Changing Woship Cente Ministies was oganized on June 30 2004 in the City of Chicago the State of Illinois. Living Wod Life Changing Woship Cente Ministies is a faith based not-fo-pofit.
We cuently have a focus of ministeing to the Gafield and Austin Communities. These communities ae tageted due to the conditions in them. Most of the families in these communities fall well below the national povety lines with an aveage income of less than $600 pe month. Ranging in age fom unde 2 to 70.
We cate to all men women and childen fom divese acial and ethnic backgounds.
The mission of the ministy is quite simple "Reach those that ae lost and feel that life in hopeless". The way we do this is poviding faith based doctine to them as well as povide assistance in aeas they seek help. We have povided feeding pogams clothing dives and afte school activities fo childen to name a few.
In June of each yea we sponso an Outdoo Festival and povide food and sevices to Community fee to anyone that wants to attend.

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Our Services & Events

Christian Education


Sunday Worship


Weekly Prayer and Bible Class


Weekly Teacher's Meeting


Saturday Worship Service


Our Staff

Archie Randle, III

Cleatus L. Currin

Admin Assistant •

NaKeisha L. Randle

First Lady •

Andrew Blacknard

Gerald Pittman