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The all new westside branch!, 3621 Sackett Avenue • Cleveland, OH 44109 • United States • (216)741-1344 • COGIC

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Newly Launched... WESTSIDE BRANCH in Cleveland!

Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to TRIUMPH in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowedge by us in every place. II Corinthians 2:14 Emphasis added Welcome! Thank you for taking time to view our web page ! We greet you triumphantly with the famous salutation of our Lord when he appeared unto the people after his ressurection. He said...All Hail! Did you respond with.. likewise? If so, Bless you! You are so kind. Isn't it good to be in the land of the living? GIVING THANKS TO HIM FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW. We honor God and his awesomeness....the spirit of Christ that dwells in every believer and to all our officials everywhere, we love you! We are grateful for our Local church being launched last year, under the newly appointed Shepherd who is now going forth by the leading of the Holy Spirit with his wife, (both of which who's names have now been changed and confirmed by God...(Gregory to Esau & Keeva to Sarah). You may email us if you would like more detailed information. BE ENCOURAGED We thank God for what he is doing in this great overcoming body everywhere and for all of those who will soon become a part of this triumphant principle and lifestyle... worldwide. How many of you desire to walk in the abundant life God has promised us in his word? Do you know you are created in his (God's) image and likeness? Do you know that in him there is dominion power and authority over death hell and the grave? We are searching for the unigue breed of people & each week they are coming in and they are unchurched but God loves them still. These are those who need to put the triumphant principles to work in their homes on their jobs and at their schools. Pray for us as we impact oour surroundings . We can't keep this triumphant truth to ourselves but it must go out and accomplish a great work in the earth. Our Lord did not come to those who were believers, but to those who did not believe... to those who were lost. We are setting up an online church to encourage allof God's creations everwhere. Stay Tuned! TRIUMPH THE CHURCH ONLINE (WEBSITE NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION)Praise God "Pray for us... partner with us" We are reaching out to our neighborhood on to the city and stretching forth to the nations...gathering the incoming harvest and praying that the enemy relases them from addictions, perversions, poverty, disease and eveything that is in conflict with the will and purpose of God. Amen.

TRIUMPH= to overcome, conquer & subdue

WRITE READ RUN WORKSHOP Our Shepherd and his wife has been praying and preparing for their workshop. It is designed to enhance all of our sister churches in the state of Ohio and then abroad. The information packet will include strategies that will provide vital tools needed in order to bring relevancy and effectiveness of ministry for this current generation. The classes/dvd's consists of... ~effective minitsry resources and updates ~creative ideas to restore diversity in your congregation by attracting, ministering to and maintaining teens and young adults (of all nationalities too), ~when to sow and how to pluck your harvest, ~how to minister relevant to your neighborhoods needs ~how to assess newcomers level of biblical understanding and spiritual gifting for proper dept. placement & correct school of wisdom, entry level ~launching a "new members class" ~7 common pitfalls ~common misconceptions ~the impact from usage of new technology for audio, visual & toddler learning tools ~incorporating more original song materials written recently by our own local church members and how you can recieve a copy for your music dept. ~how to also, enhance and copyright your music economically ~how to properly choose, set up and operate your church's sound equipment ~inexpensive learning tools & resources that promote your church thru radio, tv, and webpages .. both practical & scriptural insight and so much more Our Shepherd Elder Esau & his wife Sarah believes that this class... WRITE READ & RUN Visionary Workshop", will help take your ministry to the level God intended for it to be. There will be a taping each day that will be made availible on DVD later this year, after the workshop is videotaped. FOR HIS GLORY For those who will attend, There is also a day of prayer and devotion with the Praise & Worship leaders as they go before the presence of God in spirit and in truth. It is our desire that God will pour out a fresh new wind of the spirit and restore all of the leaders & various department heads..including anyone who may be in a season of drought or doubt. DON'T MISS IT! YOU ARE WELCOME! If you have experienced a decline, need a fresh outpouring, scriptural insight on fullfilling your church purpose or would just enjoy a gathering of hundreds of other clergy from all over... we ask that you pray about coming to Cleveland this summer and registering for the WRITE, READ & RUN 3 DAY Workshop and email us for more info. We belive you will return home empowered and ignited to move forth with a clearer vision for your ministry and a greater passion with your family, FOR YEARS TO COME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GOD BLESS YOU

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Our Services & Events

Sunday Celebration Service!

Weekly @ 4pm.

Advanced School of Wisdom

Wednesdays @7pm.

Y.E.D. Summer Speakout Session

Fridays @5pm.

Mission & Rescue Outreach Walk

every 4th sat.

Prayer & Intercessory Hour

each Sunday @3pm.

Our Staff

Bishop Russel .D. Clark

Our 7th Episcopal District Apostle •

Bishop Samuel Threets

State Prince •

Mary Rose Traylor

Cuyahoga County's Princess •

Elder Gregory (Esau Harris

*Our Cleveland Shepherd for Temple 2* •

Elder Keeva (Sarah) Harris

Shepherd's Assistant •