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(Blessed house) Rhema church international

#6 Pageant court, • Kenilworth, Cape town 7708 • South Africa • • Other

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Know that God is a God of gods, and he gave his word for you just to let you know that he can. What can he do? only what he said. In this web page you'll find some of God's principle to get it done, to get the answer of some of your questions The presence of God bring the answer if only you realize it and accept t. Enjoy your reading and be like never before !

His presence bring glory and glory present him

God's presence doesn't come by prayer but by the name of jesus ! You might pray other prayer if there are not in jesus name not thing will happen ! the name of jesus bring glory and glory present him(God). Where the glory of God s miracle take place, his presence we need for life so i'll invite you learn more by clicking our school link.

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Our Services & Events

Prayer Meeting

6 Pm, each thirsday

Worship service

10 h - 12 h, Sunday

Healing school

6 Pm - 7 : 30 pm, mo

Our Staff

Mwema M.

Pastor, Prophet •