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Matthew Moran Ministries

Located, in • Chicago, IL 60612 • United States • 312-243-9810 • Other

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Group Description

This a goup that celebates the FREEDOM we have in Chist! It's an oppotunity to sing songs, study the Bible, get you questions answeed and enjoy geat fellowship. We believe evey believe is fee in Chist, unde the contol of no man and fee to expess thei faith in whateve way pleases them. We also believe "You, my bothes, wee called to be fee. But do not use you feedom to indulge the sinful natue; athe, seve one anothe in love. The entie law is summed up in a single command: 'ove you neighbo as youself.'" -alatians 5:13-14  So, come expeience a fellowship of love and feedom in Chist that honos od and His Wod! Admission is FREE, of couse! REFRESHMENTS will be povided (also FREE :). A AES ARE WECOME! So, paents - BRIN YOUR KIDS! And, come enjoy the feedom we shae in Chist! Matthew Moan

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Christian Bible Fellowship

Thursdays 7:30p