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Socastee Original Freewill Baptist Church

8299 Hwy 707, • Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 • United States • 843-650-0121 • FWB

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Pastors Page

Hello! My name is Pastor Darren Squires Sr. I am the proud Pastor of the Socastee Original Freewill Baptist Church. My family and I are delighted to to have served as Pastor since our arrival the first of September 1999. It has been such a blessing to see how the Lord has touched this Church and our Community since we have been here.Having served in the Ministry since 1996, I can assure you that the Socastee Church is a Refreshing place to be. Please allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you by attending one of our (old fashioned) services.I encourage you to visit us and accept a miracle from the Lord.You may contact us by Email, or by phone or thru the traditional mail service. Pastor Darren Squires

What To Expect :

We are a Loving Church who puts the needs of its members over the needs of the building or its bank accounts. We are a Working Church who believes in allowing everyone the oppurtunity to take place in the ministry of their choice. We are a Compassionate Church who trys to meet the needs of the poor, and the elderly, and the abused in our Church and in our area. We are a Poor/Rich Church who spends all the Wealth we take in and we try to be good stewards with what God gives us. Why should we build our bank accounts up if we really, truely believe Jesus is coming soon? We are a Old Fashioned Church who still trusts the KJV Bible. We still trust the old and new testament. We still love the Old Time, Holy Ghost moving music that stirs the Soul not just the feet. We still believe in modest apparel for male and females alike. We still believe in Holy living even outside of the Church building. We are a Loved/Hated Church because we stand when others sit. We have stood against the lottery, poker machines, alcohol, drugs, immodest apperal, fornication, adultery, premarital sex and even tobacco. Many love us for the truth but many also hate us for the truth. We are so much more: but you will have to attend to appreciate the true qualities of this Great Church.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

10:00 AM / Sunday

Sunday Morning Worship

11:00 AM / Sunday

Sunday Night Worship

6:00 PM / Sunday

Wednesday Night Worship

7:30 PM / Wednesday

Youth Night

6:00 PM / Friday

Men & Womens Fellowship

7 PM/ 1st & 2nd MON.

Our Staff

Darren Squires

Senior Pastor •

Daniel Bennett

Media Minister/Youth Leader •

Diana Squires