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Restoration Ministries COGIC

6656 South Normal Street, Banneker Auditorium • Chicago, IL 60621 • United States • 773-592-3542 • COGIC

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A little about Restoration Ministries COGIC

Restoration is a radical and cutting edge ministry (Biblically based on Joel 2:25/Gal 6:1-2). It is a Kingdom building ministry with a vision to minister and preach the gospel to families, and lost individuals of all ages. This ministry's only desire is to be used by God as a witness, and a vessel for deliverance to all in need.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday School

10:30 AM Sundays

Worship Service

11:30 AM Sundays

Tuesday Night Prayer

8:00 PM Tuesdays

Bible Study

7:30 PM Thursdays

Our Staff

Elder Eddie Marthel Jr

Lady Elaine Marthel

Women's Minstry Leader •

Sister Natasha Geddy

Music Ministry •

Brother Matthew Jackson

Administration Ministry •

Sister Sharon Lewis

Mission Ministry •