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Born Again Faith Ministries

11206 Lake June Rd. suite E, P.O. Box 170068 • Dallas, TX 7508 • United States • 469.223.5794 • Non-denominational

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"Gatherig the Harvest" {Door to Door outreach Ministry} 2nd & 4th Suday of each month 10am.

The Born Again House

RE: Ministry Information The "Born Again House" is a Christian centered, bible-based residential community for men who have a sincere desire to overcome and/or struggling with drug addictions, alcoholism and any other destructive habitual behaviors. Our mission at the "Born Again House" not only assists with the recovery of alcoholism and drug addictions, but also helps each resident to strive to become better husbands, fathers, role models and servants of God. We do this by promoting and providing an alcohol and drug free environment. We encourage biblical principles, such as faith obedience, prayer, brotherly love, service and responsibility. "Born Again House" recognizes an adjustment period of thirty days and promotes employment with a negotiated room and board thereafter. We adhere to a non-alcohol, non-smoking and drug free policy. Our residents are held accountable to abide by all policies provided by State Regulations and residential occupancy. Please contact us at anytime, regarding additional information about our facilities and program. <> Pastor R.D. Rhoden Founder/Overseer Born Again House P.O. Box 170068 Dallas, TX 75217 469.223.5794 <> My gift of:______________ ( ) monthly ( ) quarterly ( ) annually ( ) one time gift I wish to volunteer____________ Hours per week ( ) I will pray for the ministry Name:_________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________ City:_____________________ State:_____ Zip:_____________ Telephone:_________________________________ Email:_____________________________________________________

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Our Services & Events

Morning Worship Service

11:30 am Sunday

Overcomers Bible Counseling

7:30 pm Tuesday

Bible Study

7:30 Thursday

Intercessory Prayer

7:30 Friday

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R. Delanor Rhoden

Minister Patricia Rhoden

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Charles & Kim Callahan

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