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In the Republic Argentina there is a very small group of Catholics. They have rejected as false popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedicto XVI. They have also rejected as false Council Vatican II, as well as the sects derived therefrom such as the montinian sect the so-called "catholic" church of today, which, in reality is no longer catholic) and the Lefebvre sect. The Magisterium which Remanent Catholic Apostolic Chruch recognizes is that coming from Saint Peter up to Pope Pius XII, but no more. Its Councils are 20 in total, including the one celebrated in the late XIXth century. Its Code of Canon Law is that published in 1917. Its position and stand is quite clear: to belong to the only true Church of Jesus Christ the Lord, which is the Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church, before the changes brought about her in the last 43 years. The 24 of March of year 2006, more of 30 sedevacantists and traditionalistic Bishops in the EXTRAORDINARY SINOD met in the City of Lujan, after arduous debates to "Mons. Oscar de la Compasin" chosen for the position of Pope of the Church, One, Hollis, Catholic and Apostolic, choosing the name of Leon XIV. The time end is Close. For further information, please http:/

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