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P.O. BOX 43325, • St. Paul, MN 55119 • United States • 651-263-7332 • Non-denominational

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Mission Statement

A Church submitted to the Holy sirit of God that miisters to a diverse society through the demostratio of God's Love ad Power i the sirit of excellece to fulfill his word accordig to Mark 16:15 -18. Reachig the etire world with the gosel of our Lord ad Savior esus Christ by meas of: The writte word ersoal couselig evagelistic revival meetigs ersoal traiig grous homes visit church meetigs; homes ad grou homes ad artershi with other miistry to reach the world. Miistry devoted to trai ad equi believers ad establishig churches both iteratioally ad domestically; toward leadig eole ersoal lives closer with esus Christ ad brigig them to a level of maturity i our Lord so they may effectively carry out God's will for their life ad demostrate the love of God

Statement of Faith

We believe the bible is the isired ifallible ad authoritative word of God. I the word we fid the revelatio of God's eteral ad uchagig will for me of all ages. It is the divie ad fial authority for the Christia life. We believe i oe God eterally existig i three ersos: the Father So ad Holy Sirit We believe that esus Christ is the oly begotte So of the Father coceived of the Holy Ghost ad bor of the Virgi Mary. We believe that esus was crucified buried ad raised from the dead. We Believe that he asceded to Heave ad is today at the right had of the Father as our itercessor. We believe as Christia that we are ot here to judge lives but to arter with the Holy Sirit to chage lives. We believe that ma was created i the image of God but fell ito si through Adam ad Eve which resulted i his siritual death or searatio from God. Oly through regeeratio by the Holy Sirit Salvatio ad Siritual life be obtaied. This rocess of regeeratio called "Bor agai" i the world takes lace through a combiatio of faith ad cofessio. As a makes a decisio to believe i the death ad resurrectio of esus Christ cofesses with his mouth the Lordshi of esus i his life a miracle of regeeratio by the Holy Sirit takes lace. A ew Christia is bor ito the Kigdom of God - for him old thigs are assed away ad all thigs are ew. We believe water Batism ad the Lord's Suer are ordiaces to be observed by the church durig the reset age. They are ot however to be cofused with or regarded as a meas of Salvatio. The shed Blood of esus Christ ad His resurrectio rovided the oly grouds for ustificatio ad Salvatio We believe i the blood that was shared o the cross for the si of the world

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Our Services & Events

Prayer Intercessors

Saturday 7 - 9 pm

Bible Study/Group Discussion

Sunday 10-10:30 am

God's Word

Sunday 10:45-12 noon