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Living from Abundance

Do you approach life and ministry from a perspective of lack or abundance? The attitude of a person who operates from of abundance reflects a giving heart on a daily basis. A person with an attitude of lack tends to hoard things and is always hoping to be given something. A person can have an attitude of lack whether he/she lives on the streets or in a mansion. Abundance is a lifestyle, and lack is a lifestyle. Jesus came to give us abundance. John 10:10 (New American Standard Bible) The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

Renew your Mind, live out of Abundance

The human mind has to be renewed by the word of God in order to be transformed into the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ reflects an attitude of abundance, not an attitude of lack. As a man thinks, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). If abundance is established in your thinking, then you will walk in abundance. Carnal or natural people will try to limit your abundance in the kingdom of God. They are not entering into the abundance of the kingdom themselves, so they do not want others to enter into it (Matthew 23:13). Whatever keeps you from being everything that God intends for you to be is a hindrance to you. One of the greatest hindrances is the religious system which fights against the kingdom of God. Legalism holds people in a position of lack. People who believe things that are contrary to the word of God are deceived and fall short of God's abundance. They can love Jesus and still be deceived, because they are not interpreting the truth of the word of God correctly. So my friends Live From Abundance, This will enable you assist others and the Local Church with Finances thus seeing God being Proclaimed. Having a Abundance in Health and Finances and all area's of your life will enable you to be a Available Vessle for God and to Leave a Legacy to your family, Church when you depart this Earth. Being wealthy is not a Sin, Its a way to contribute to the Kingdom of God and provide Finances to the many wonderful Ministries throughout your local Community. Plant a Seed today. Simple Success Keys You Can Learn From Home In Your Pyjamas! With so many different schemes, ideas, steps, techniques out there today, it can become very confusing. For years, I looked for a simple, easy to follow system to success and spent out many thousands of dollars in the meantime. That is until I found this strikingly simple system. When I first found out about it, I wondered why I hadn't thought of it myself because it really is plain common sense and simple. Request the free report and find out for yourself just how simple lasting success can be and how you can achieve very high levels in a relatively short tiime. Here are the Nine Action Keys to Success: Intention - Being clear of your absolute outsome and having strategies to support that outcome creating certainty in all areas of your life. Focus - The power of maintaining your state of consciousness so you can achieve your intention. Attraction - The magic secret of attraction. Why you attract what you want and why you attract what you don't want consistantly. Success - Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. It is a journey not a destination. The ideal is the idea that you have fallen in love with and the most important part of this is it be worthy of you as you are going to give your life for it. Relationships - The number one goal in life for all humans is to be happy. The true connection to happiness is through your relationships. This includes your spouse, children, family, friends, associates, work colleages and your healthy body relationship and your healthy relationship with your finances. Plus, the most important relationship, the one with yourself and your spiritual connection. Wellness - It is pointless to be wealthy without being healthy. Energy and vitality are powerful conbinations to enjoying your life and to live a life of balance, harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence. Financial Intelligence - Most of the time we spent at school was learning basic things, except the most important, how to be financially intelligent. To a large extent our mirror is that of our parents and their understanding of how to be an investor, how to make money work for you as opposed to you working for money. Emotional Fitness - Eighty percent of our success will be determined by our emotional fitness. This is the ability to take a loss and move forward. Ninety Five percent of our population are more concerned about losing thatn about making profits and this is based on fear, doubt and worry because of their emotional unfitness to deal with this reality. Freedom - Freedom is the ultimate experience in life which is to understand where freedom truly lives. How you are a heartbeat away from this extraordinary experience that is so real it is palpable. To come from this place, your fears will fall away into insignificance as you fully embrace your life and be an outstanding example for others by leaving a legacy that will live long after your passing. I want to ask you a question: "Are you interested in discovering proven "step-by-step" techniques for dramatically exploding your bank balance?" Since you're still reading this, I assume the answer is a resounding "Yes!" Well, now that I've summarised "The Nine Action Keys To Success" and shown how this can give you the same ammunition that allows all truly wealthy individuals to earn enough riches to live the very good life --it's time for you to take action. Request more info PLUS the FREE report that you can be reading within minutes. For Further Information PLUS Your FREE Report That You Can Be Reading Within Minutes The Full Program Also Includes The Following... The Pathway to Abundance step by step, DVD inclusive. Where Am I Now, Where do I want to go and how quickly can I get there? Benchmarking which is the summary, the dashboard of my financial position, DVD inclusive. The creation and implemention of my Wealth Account, the Money Magnet, DVD inclusive. The Strategic Spending Plan for the next twelve months so that I have certainly and confidence about my future and cash flow. DVD inclusive. The Automatic Millionaire Advanced Wealth Accumulator to create an automatic money magnet and credit facilities so I can face all of my future challenges financially with confidence, DVD inclusive. My intention for living the life I truly wish to live based on the Vision For My Future, my family, my health and wellbeing and my financial position. The Seven Year Plan beginning with the end in mind and working backwards to know exactly what I need to do: next year: the next ninety days: the next month. My Goal Setting Machine that gives me a reference on a daily basis for my monthly achievements to turn my annual income into a monthly income, DVD inclusive. The Twelve Leveraged Steps to Success. DVD inclusive. My Action Plan taking me to the next level with my important document file, my home office, de-cluttering, creating references to my superannuation, tax obligations, bank accounts, loans, mortgage documents and other important reference material. And Much Much More...... Enquire NOW - Risk FREE! Hey, the information is FREE, PLUS you get to read the FREE report within minutes. Or

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