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Way International of Cleveland Church

7625 Star Avenue, 3385 East5 147th Street • Cleveland, OH 44120 • United States • 216 991-0143 • Non-denominational

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Bibile Study and Counseling

for childern at risk of becoming adult criminals.In connection Cleveland Juvenile Justice And delinquency Prevention Center. A federal non profit Corporation, 28 u.s.c. 1349. 42u.s.c.5603 section D6. Rev. Calvin Drake, President, Executive Director and Owner, Establish in 1983. To reduce juvenile crime in our neighborhoods. To prevent drug trafficking, drug abuse,treatment programs for adults and their children. Social workers and Psychol ogist to help parents and children.Articles Of Incorporation of Cleveland juvenile justice And delinquency Prevention center is on file in the secretary of state office in Columbus, Ohio. Registered Corporation not for profit 608274. Tax exemption status 26 u.s.c. 501 (C)(3), 501 (C)(1). we ask for contribution and donations for childern at risk and in poverty. for clothing, food, special education needs.

youth connseling services

behavior profiles of psychological behaviors according to risk facors. licensed psychologist and social worker on duty to assist.

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