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Muhweso Church of Christ

P.O. Box 731, Mumias, • Mumias, Western 50102 • Kenya • +254-726649608

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We are undenominational and have no central headquarters or president. The head of the church is none other than Jesus Christ himself (Ephesians 1:22-23). We are situated at Muhweso village, South Wanga, Mumias Division off Musanda road at Imanga Market. Each congregation of the churches of Christ is autonomous, and it is the Word of God that unites us into One Faith (Ephesians 4:3-6). We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and his holy Apostles, and not the teachings of man. We are Christians only! In June 1988 we instituted this Church locally in Kenya after Biblical studies and World Bible school correspondence studies from: Mrs. Leola Bennett of NH and Billie Grant of CA,3 Bible student brothers who rejected unbiblical teachings and false doctrines of denominational churches caused a New Testament Church established in this remote village of Muhweso as promised by Christ in Mt. 16:18 and Paul branded them Rom.16:16.American Missionary to Kenya, Larry Stephens now an Elder at of Livonia Church of Christ in Livonia Michigan assisted on establishment of the Church and also helped with funds to construct the muddy Church building and we thank him for this great work. The Church up to-date meets at this small muddy building that can accommodate about 30 people only. The previous building we had was fallen by heavy rains in August 2006. To date the Church is in need of a building and purchasing land to construct a larger church building .Please to pray for the needs and if you are willing to donated some funds please contact the Deacons. Other Missionaries as Dan Bell from Illinois, the late Cater Gear, Russ Lawson, Kenn Beckloff of Oklahoma (Missionary to Kenya in Mombasa) and Jim Repart also visited the Church during their mission work in Kenya. The average membership now is 36 with about 47-60 coming every Sunday. The Church affiliates with some other sister congregations in the area of about 170 churches of Christ. At the church we are training Preachers/Evangelists locally. Since 2005 we have been train some 6 preachers. Due to lack of enough funds and training materials as Bible etc the trainees comes for the training for 6 days during the first week of the every month, This basic course takes one year. We teach basic doctrines, i.e. Restoration of the Church of Christ, Trinity, The Person of Christ, How to become a Christian and establish a the Church of Christ in your village, Authority and Sufficiency of the Scriptures and New Testament Pattern of worship. Currently we are depending on Truth for Today Correspondence publications. The Church requires prayer and support to enable it continue reaching the lost with the Gospel. As an out come of the Preacher/Evangelist trainings we have planted other 3 churches. If you feel to donated some funds/Training materials to support the training please email Deacons . Students are from all races, tribes and must be of 18 years above and attending a particular congregation who is to send them. Currently the training has stopped due to lack of funds and training materials. The church has also a small library with donated books for the trainings, (for a donation email Evangelist, The Church requires funds for a larger building as the current old one is not strong enough to go for other few years, the total funds required for this building including the purchase of land is $14,000, if you are willing to help contact any Deacon. However we are requesting any Brethren who can donate Bibles(New/Used),Bible Training materials as WBS lessons to contact the Evangelist.


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Reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ in Kenya has becaome difficult and now denominations has embarked on preaching the gospel of material blessings, bodily healing and miracles in obedience to the gospel. As we want to exalt Christ in our work by reaching the lost with the Gospel we only preach Christ crucified as Apostle Paul told the Corintian Churc as we also seek to help the needy, since the year 2003 the church has noticed the urgent need for helping the poor and needy ones. Before that we had a health ministry helping the HIV/AIDS sufferers and now we have a big problem of supporting the orphans and widows whose number is growing alarming in the Church. We intend to start a Biblical training school for preachers at our church and to enable us do this, we have 2 brothers who have been preaching in our church for 5 years and now we feel that they need a Bible College Training, on which we are putting a request that any one who reads this and is able to help them get a training to contact any of the Elders or Deacons. This will enable them come back after training and train others. 


I may 2012 one Sunday after the church service we found a baby of 1 week abandoned by the mother at the church building (outside the entrance veranda) the baby was quietly sleeping , after several hours waiting for the mother to pick him no one turned up. One or our church ladies decide to go and take care of him as we trace the parents and also inform the Authorities. As time goes we will need a school for these orphans and a home to keep them, most of them where they come from we do not know as some children at a age of 6 months -4 years are normally brought the Church compound during Sunday services by unknown people and abandon them there, this makes our work very difficult as we have to look for means of feeding them and providing clothing's among many other needs. At the end of the year 2012 we had about 27 orphans  whose parents are dead and or unknown as some are rescued after abadoned in sugarcane plantation (by this I mean 2 have been found abandoned in sugarcane plantation). In 2013 January we had to start and orphanage school which has now 67 orphans  which we urgently need your support in terms of materials i.e. Text books, Pens, clothing (uniforms), building materials for 4 clasrooms, This orphanage school is growing up and needs you support, we have been able to approach a number of sister churches and charities but most of them has not been able to send a donation toward the project.It costs $1to keep one orphanat the school, therefore your donation is ighly welcomed and apreciated.Brethren has donated land some has sold part of their materials to help. If you are touched and you feel you may help please contact any Deacon or Elder, you may also pass to us a contact address to any individual or charitable organization that you feel may help.

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