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The Unity Church of Ghana in Chicago

7619 South Dorchestor Avenue, • Chicago, IL 60619 • United States • 773-968-9787 • ID

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Unity Church was organized in the early 1990s as a Interdenominational Church for Africans who chose to worship to together. Today it still lives for that same purpose, however Unity welcomes people of all races to Worship with them. Our services are traditional and said in english. Music is usually taken from Lutheran Worship. Prasie Songs that are used are usually sung in tribal tounges. Our Worship service ends with prayer and a Hymn, and lastly the Organ Postlude. Come Worship with us one Sunday and youll love it. We Worship at 1:00 PM at the Historic St. Paul Lutheran Church. Come to be blessed. Contact D. Josiah Montgomery for more information.

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Rev. Isaac Gyampadu

Pastor •

Rev. A. Class Peters

Pastor •

Yaw Adu Bempah ~ William Grant Acquah

Elders •

Kukua Eshon

Administrator •

D. Josiah Montgomery, a/BSG

Organist - Choirmaster •