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Lakeshore Community Church

638 West Deming Pl, • Chicago, IL 60614 • United States • 773-314-6751 • Congregational

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We are a progressive church, that seeks to be relevant, and uplifting as we continue our spiritual journey of peace, truth and justice for all people. We strive to promote an understanding of christianity with a greater concern for the way people treat each other than for the way they express their beliefs, an acceptance of all people and a respect for other religions. Through our worship and music, educational programs,outreach,leadership opportunities,pastorial care and small group experiences we express: Our joy for living, and Our love of God, who we know is PROUD of, and LOVES, us JUST AS WE ARE. The Leaders& Members of Lakeshore Community Church


All people gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and hetrosexual are invited to experience new-life through the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ in Lakeshore Community Church, Were we put our faith into action by creating a community of healing and reconciliation and by confronting lifes problems, So all Gods people may live a happy victorious life in Jesus Christ.

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Our Services & Events

Victory Service


Word Education Study

7:30-9p/ Tuesday

Board of Elders Meet

7pm/ Wednesday

Living in the Word Service

7:30-8:30pm/ Friday

Our Staff

Kay Champion

Timothy Boyle

Interim Pastor • same

Phil Donnelly

Associate Pastor • same

Michael Taylor

Assistant Pastor • same

Karen Edwards

Youth Pastor • same