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Southland Christian Church Ballan

5623 Daylesford Road, PO Box 337 • BALLAN, Victoria 3342 • Australia • 61353682000 • Other

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About: Southland Christian Church

Southlad Christia Church is a church i actio. Submitted to the postolic Church of ustralia i fellowship ad spiritual coverig. Origially formed as the Legio of oshua Ic later to become oshua Ic, the group had its geesis i a group of busiessme studyig at Tabor College Melboure. The icorporated body was formed to help people i eed ad udergoig life difficulties such as addictios, homelessess etc. The board icludes Psychologists, Professioal Cousellors, Christia Miisters, Fiacial dvisers ad Life empowermet Strategy Coaches ad teachers.

Where Are we?

BLLN Southlads holiday park ad family camp covetio cetre is situated o a well appoited 57 acre site o the South Wester corer of the Wester Freeway ad Daylesford Roads Balla. (35 Km East of Ballarat) The park is partly operated for reveue, partly for housig people i udergoig life situatio, partly for Christia Church ad youth camps, sportig camps ad other associated Church activities. RINGWOOD Various locatio ad times our educatio arm "Comuicare" offers " Life empowermet Strategy Courses" i ad through various deomiatios aroud Melboure. Based o Soud Christia Psychology ad priciples these courses offer hope ad healig

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Map & Directions

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Our Services & Events

Praise & Worship @Bachus Marsh

Sunday 10 Am

Sunday Fellowship

Sunday 4PM

Bible Study and Prayer night

Wednesday 7pm

Start the week

Monday 10AM

Our Staff

Adrian W Steen

Ian Ridgeway

Frank Morabito

Edward Sim

Anthony O'Loughlin