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Joy Praise Wheel of Compassion Ministries

2615 Market St., • Youngstown, OH 44507 • United States • (330) 519-9611 • Non-denominational

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Joy and Praise Wheel of Compassion Ministries

Located on Youngstowns upper southside, Joy and Praise(JPM) is a ministry that believes: "there is still hope!" When others have let you down the Lord will always provide a way for you to make it. Joy & Praise is the place where the weary find rest, the wounded are healed and believers are blessed in the name of JESUS Christ. We believe in the word of God and focus on the priciples of Faith in connection with the Word of God. Under the direct leadership of God and our Sheppard, Bishop J.L. Lockett II, we as the "Bride of Christ" are determined to go all the way. Come fellowship with us, all are welcomed at the house of the Lord. "Come on and lets have a Good Time in the Lord!" Remember- "THERE IS STILL HOPE!"


It is our desire to make your worship experience as blessed as possible, J.P.W.C.M. has an awesome Young Persons Outreach Ministry called, Y.E.A.H. -(Youth, Excited, Annointed, Holy) Speaking those things, we believe the young people of today should be trained in the way they should, go so when they grow up they wont depart from it. Ages Rage 0-25 Nursary: 0-4 Toddlers:4&5 Children:6-12 Teens:13-19 Young People:20-25 All are welcomed: "We are WARRIORS"

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Our Services & Events

Morning Woship

11:30am Sunday

Y.E.A.H. Youth Ministries

12:30am Sunday

Voices of Praise- Rehearsal

3:30pm Sunday

J.P.M. Bible Study

6:00pm Wednesday

JPM Mass Choir -Rehearsal

8:15pm Wednesday

Vision &Praise Mime -Rehearsal Saturday

Our Staff

Jerry L. Lockett II

Bishop •

Carolyn J. Lockett

Co- Pastor •

Tyrone Waller

Assistant Pastor •

Darlene Waller

Assistant Pastor •

Jimmie K. Rodgers

Minister •