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Evangelical Full Gospel Fellowship

5645 Gaston Avenue # 201, • Dallas, TX 75214 • United States • 214-827-8130 • AOG

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Evangelical Outreach

We are an independent Evangelical Christian religious organization, that believes in allowing individual responsibility for spiritual growth. We believe that a persons reasons for wishing to be ordained, are between that person and God. We also believe that each person should do God's work as it is revealed to them. We welcome the opportunity to invite you to be ordained by this ministry. Our goal is to spread the Christian word by making it easier to become ordained. We feel that becoming ordained clergy, will tranform your life and bring new meaning, personal gratification, and purpose before God. After you have been ordained, you are free to carry on your ministry, as you feel God has directed you. Evangelical Full Gospel Fellowship offers you the opportunity to choose your own ministry title. You may choose the title that best describes and represents the kind of Christian work you wish to do. (Minister, Reverend, Chaplain, Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist) You will receive a high quality certificate upon ordination. The certificate is suitable for framing and is a testament to your dedication to doing the Lord's work. For information about ordination, write to: Evangelical Full Gospel Fellowship P.O.Box 140182 Dallas, Texas 75214 Telephone: 214.827.8130

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