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St. Andrew's Church of England Cathedral, Wharf Street • Logan Village, Queensland 4207 • Australia • 1300 135 910 • Anglican

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Who We Are

The Free Church of England in Australia is a Catholic, Evangelical, Apostolic, Liturgical, and Episcopal Church. We are a Province in the Anglican Church International Communion, a body of different traditional Anglican groups coming together under the ACIC banner. Our standards for Doctrine, Discipline and Worship are those of the ancient Anglican tradition as expressed in the 3 historic Creeds, The Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral & Declaration of St.Louis. We also hold to the great Reformation doctrines contained in the 39 Articles of Religion and The Book of Common Prayer 1662.

What We Believe

The Divine inspiration & infallibility of Holy Scriptures, as originally given, & its supreme authority in all matters of faith & conduct. The unity of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit in the Godhead. The universal sinfulness & guilt of human nature since the Fall. The conception of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit & his birth of the Virgin Mary. Redemption from guilt, penalty & power of sin only through Jesus Christ's sacrificial death. (as our Representitive & Substitute) The bodily resurection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The indwelling & work of the Holy Spirit in the believer. The expectation of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ,as judge of all people.

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Map & Directions

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Our Services & Events

Holy Communion (sung)

9.00 am, Sunday

Sunday School

9.00 am, Sunday


4.30 pm, Sunday

Holy Communion

9.30, Wednesday

Young Mothers Group

10.00 am, Wednesday

Youth Groups

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Our Staff

Ernest Kelly, B. Min, TH/C

Bishop, Rt. Rev •

Peter Mc Innes, B/TH

Precentor, Rev •

Winston Benton BA

Acting Registrar / Cheif Warden, Mr •

Hilary Campbell

Music Director, Mrs •