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Women of Harvest Ministries

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Welcome to Women of Harvest Ministries Inc.

God's Visionary, Valarie Dallis Coleman ______________________________________________________________________ I Bless you all in the Matchless Name of The Great Jehovah Jireh. I offer my service to you. My life is dedicated to serving Jesus, The work of Jesus, The status of Jesus, The mere being of Jesus. It is my desire to be all that I was called to be for the mere work of the Lord. For nothing shall keep us from the love of God. Do you share the same heart filled desire as I. Do know that it is never to late to walk in your calling(s) as long as you have breath. The Lord has bestowed upon me a gift to encourage women and men. God has been showing me, that there are many men and women in the Body of Christ, who have been pregnant for a long time now. I cannot inpregnant you or birth your ministries. However, I can help you PUSH. Therefore, at the appointed time, you will deliver your birth(s) with no fear, complications or doubts. So by this time, you won't want a great deal of people around you because you will have the courage and know how, to do this alone. The only person that you will even want to see is the person who inpregnated you, and that is the Master, Jesus Christ. Always remember that this is a Ministry Designed With You In Mind! So with as much help that you may need, WOH Ministries desires to assist. WHO AM I??????? I am only a humble servant for The Lord! A radical Pennsylvania native that has been moving Expeditiously in The Lord. Higher heights and deeper depths thus sayeth The Great Jehovah! _____________________________________________________________ How Strong is your Faith? The more "Word" that you read, the stronger your Faith becomes. You have to make it up in your mind. A Ministry can only help you. So let me ask you again, do you really believe? Be honest to yourself whole heartedly, or you will remain" in many strongholds." That is not a good place to reserve for yourself to be. Yes, if you dare not to change and you see a way out, you choose to stay where you are. This is a place that you have become to desire and reserved for yourself. How about this question. Are you saved? I myself, have accepted the call. However, while in the process, I have been "Church-A-Matic." What am I saying? I have served and be apart of the following: Pastor's Aide ( Armour Bearer ) Youth and Yound Adult Choir Sanctuary Choir Women's Choir State Jurisidictional Choir (s) Community Choir (s) Mime Ministry Litrigual Dance Ministry Hip Hop Ministry Women's Department Media Ministry Hospitality Sister 2 Sister Marriage Ministry Pastoral Anniversary Public Relations I am also Educated: I have pursued Degrees in Communications, Business Administration, Criminal Justice and Public Administration. A great deal of people in the "church world" don't even realize my educational background. However, they know my "CHURCH-A-MATIC" background! Hmmm..... I know what you are thinking, Wow! Such a Great Woman of God! Nope! Shall I continue? I also did Volunteer work: Board of Education Big Brothers and Big Sisters YMCA So thoughtful of me right! I still didnt catch the vision! So, what did I do? I became apart of various organizations: National Women's Political Roundtable Inc Black Professional Women NAACP Republican National Committee National Federation of Republican Women Chi Lambda Mu Church Wome United Black Women Publishers Woman of Harvest Ministries National Black Caucaus Black Political Women League of Women Voters I don't want to leave anything else out. I am a mother of 3 and a "Woman in Waiting". The Blessed husband of mine is also in The Ministry. Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Be careful of who you link up with. Allow The Lord to speak to you when choosing your mate. I am an EXAMPLE. Do not be afraid to TESTIFY of how you had to go through because of "L-I-N-K-I-N-G U-P" with the wrong person! Praise Ye The Lord huh? It took a "SIGNATURE" for me realize that all of those things were not important. You see, I was 2 seconds, okay, I will tell the truth and shame the devil. I was actually 0.1 seconds away from getting a divorce. The Lord had to "PLACE" me in a storm for me to HONOR him. I knew "PROTOCOL", ......when to call.. how to call..where to call.... why to call.. BUT I DIDNT KNOW WHO TO CALL! I was calling and giving all the wrong PEOPLE and THINGS the Glory! It took me going thru shame, embarrassment, public humility and the "does" go on.... for God to get my attention! Now that it is all over, at least that part, I can see the rainbow. I passed the test. Not with flying colors, but I passed. I stand here today, a happily married, mother of 3! That part of my life was a "spirit breaking" tribulation! However, if you want the RAINBOW, you have to get thru the RAIN! Everyone needs to "Accept" Jesus Christ into your heart and believe "literally", that he rose from the dead, then you can become saved and be with him in Heaven at the appointed time. You are taking a bigger risk living for the devil than living for Jesus Christ. Yes, you are causing yourself to experience "Unnecessary Afflictions" because you do not want to try God. At least with Jesus, he gives you a blueprint on how to live and the pros and cons of being with him! Yes he gives you a personal Blue Print. It is called the Bible! So you have all of the materials that you need before you. However, it is up to you to use them. But like everyone else, it is up to you to read and follow the directions. If you goof up and here there, take the proper procedures to make your corrections and keep going. In other words, like any Architect that has made special blue prints, if you do something that is not on the blueprint, you go directly to the Architect himself. Why? So that you can advise him what has taken place. However, from there, you must then apologize for trying to make the blue print your own. So therefore, after you have seen that your way does not work, ask what can "YOU" do, to make things right. Once you do that, it is all "uphill" from there! Try it before you knock it. It may not seem as if you are going uphill, but that is where your faith comes in it. What do you have to lose? Wait, I'll tell you: Your life Your soul Your hopes Your happiness Your mind Your dreams Your desires Your life will become a living hell, but you won't really "realize it until the end is near. You will reap good things, "But only for a SEASON". Therefore, we were all taught in school that seasons only last for a short period of time. Some seasons last longer than others. However, all seasons eventually have to come to an end. But with GOD, it is FOREVER! So why desire to have something that has a "time limit" on it? True happiness is timeless, limitless and priceless! Am I getting you think about taking that step with the Lord yet? So why don't you try and live PSALMS 37 verse 4? Try Matthew 6:33, just as well, you will be glad that you did! Well, that is my story, and look at what " The Lord" has done for me! He is so worthy! He keeps his promises! No, of course I did not deserve the continuous blessings of the Lord, but "I dared" to be saved, soak in humility and trust God. I did!, and look at me now! I can hardly believe it myself too! Learn to live with nothing and without anyone, and watch the Lord change your life drastically! It took me a while to get the crooked paths straight, but I did it. Things may not stay peachy all the time, for my MARRIAGE to be a great example! However, we all must BE SQUEEZED, so we can appreciate what comes out! Thank you for stopping by and logging onto WOH Ministries. Please continue to pray for me and my family. You know that I am definitely praying for yours! The Lord is not through Blessing you. In His Service, Sis. Valarie D. Coleman Anointed For Him Anointed By Him Always remember that You too, can become A Woman of Harvest! This is a Ministry built by God and intend to be A Ministry Designed With You In Mind! P.S. Woman of Harvest Inc. is in the process of making their own website. This was made up for The Visionary. Thank you for coming into my world! Don't Forget to try God!, and once you do, please keep me posted. Feel Free To Contact Me: Women of Harvest Incorporated Sis. Valarie D. Coleman

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