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Heaven on Earth Healing and Deliverance Ministrie

P.O BOX 3259, P.O.BOX 3259 • Serrekunda, Serrekunda 00220 • Gambia • 913933 • CE

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Our believe

We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God born of the Virgin Mary, Died and buried and rose again on the 3rd days and now sitting on the right hand of God in heaven. We believe on the trinity, God the father, God the son and God the Holyspirit. We also believe on the Holyspirit and His manifestation. We believe also that Jesus is coming back again to judge the World in Righteaousness.

Mission statement

WHO ARE WE: We are not money oriented ministries, we are humanitarian ministries consisting of individual from different nationalities, background and experiences. All of our workers are volunteers dedicated to the common goal of spreading the good news.(the love of Christ) and enhancing the quality of life for all people of all nations where we are. Expecially thosewho are poor and suffering or otherwise disadvantage. OUR OBJECTIVES: We have foung that the love of Jesus Christ is far overwhelming in the lives of many people. As you can see in the whole world today, it is only 30% have the true love of Christ in their heart. Ours is therefore, is a missionof love, to help those in needby whatever means available to us. We render materials help such as clothing, feeding, medicalassistance, education, and spiritual help like training disciples,healing the sick, emosional sickness, oppresse and depress and also render deliverance to those who are under captivity and bondage in the Hands of the enemy(satan). Therefore many of our programs centre onDiscipleship, education, television program,youth and children ministry and wellbeing and care. OUR ACTIVITIES: Our major interests and expertise are church planting to spread the good news the love of God, Bible educationto train disciple adult,youth and children in thwe fear of God, medial outreach ministry to reach thousands of people at a time,elementry education, gospel crusade,charity work, intermission and health care, OUR SUPPORT: We strongly acknowledge your supportin our effect to enrich the lives of all people in any where God leads us to in Africa. By the grace of God we have dedicated our lives and our potentials to a future worth investing in , whether finacial,material, or otherwise, your giving will go a along way in the lives people in Africa directly or inderectly.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday mail service

9am- 12noon

Wednesday Bible study

6pm- 8pm

Friday prayer meeting


Saturday evangelism






Our Staff

Stan Omo

Lawrence O. Ihans

Alix Abraham

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