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All Saints Deliverance Temple Ministries

94 Eastman RD, P.O. Box 9472 (38190) • Memphis, Tn 38109 • United States • 901-332-3019 • Other

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Order Of Services

Sunday School....9:30 am
Sunday Worship....11:00 am
2nd&4th Sun night service 7:00pm
Bible Study......7:00pm Wednesday
Evangelistic Service...7:30 Friday
Prayer.....12:00 noon Thursday

Radio Broadcast WMQM 1600 AM ... Sunday Evening - 4:15pm WAVN 1240 AM ... Every Tues and Thurs 8:00 - 8:15 pm For a Ride Call:901-332-3019 Church email:

Summer camp

Summer camp begins on July 7,2003 and ends on July 18,2003. Appilications will be avaliable form May 3,2003 till June 30, 2003. The regrstration fee is $25.00. Call Sis Nakeia Butler @901-281-3891 for more information Transporation will be provided!

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Our Services & Events

Summer Camp

July 7-19,2003

Pastor and Wife Anniversary

August 17,2003 3pm

Choir Day

November 16,2003 3pm

Our Staff

Thomas Alston

Pastor •

Brenda Alston

First Lady •

Aaron Kirk

Decon •

John Collins

Deacon •

Nakeia Butler

Summer Camp Director •