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Rosa Parks Avenue Church of God

1701 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, • Montgomery, AL 36108 • United States • 334-265-6008 • COG-ANN

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1. To be a loving fellowship of committed believers worshipping the Lord.(John:1-7) 2. We seek to reconcile persons to Christ.(2Cor. 5:17-20) 3. We seek to mature them in Christ.(Eph.4:11-16) 4. And involve the in ministry to one another, and the World.(Matt. 28:19-20


We recognize that our Church has a tremendous responsibility toward meeting the needs of every member, and the community as well. To make this possible, our Church must direct it's attention toward a purpose with specific emphasis in areas of growth both in the Church and in the lives of our community. This Church has a tremendous responsibility to help teach, shape and mold our young people into productive men and women of tomorrow. Also, the Church must provide an environment for all members and concerned persons to be spiritually and physically fit for continuous growth in the Body of Christ.

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Bible Study


Our Staff

Dr. James I Marshall

Senior Pastor •

Elder Eddie Mae Cobb

Assoc. Pastor •

William Posey

President/ Men of the Church of God •

Patricia Williams

President/Women of the Church of God •