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Greater Works Community C.O.G.I.C.

205 S. Gregson Street, • Durham, NC 27701 • United States • • COGIC

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Greater Works' Vision Statement

The vision of Greater Works is to facilitate the hurting, hopeless, discouraged, depressed, frustrated and confused that we may offer genuine love, acceptance, guidance and encouragement. Greater Works strongly believes in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with residents in the Triangle/Triad area and abroad. We dream of thousands of members growing together in spiritual maturity through Bible studies, seminars, retreats and fellowship; loving, laughing and learning together. Greater Works desires to help each individual understand God's wonderful plan for their life and to live out their greatest potential. We dream of 25 acres of land, on which we will build a beautiful facility for the people of God including a family worship center, counseling and prayer centers, classrooms for training lay ministers and Bible study. Greater Works is purposely driven to minister to the total person: spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially. We Speak this prophetic vision with confidence. Why? Because it is inspired by God!

From the desk of the Pastor

First I'd like thank you for visiting Greater Works Website! I'd also like to introduce you to a church that's dedicated to helping find the right direction for your life. We are an excited church which offers an alternative to traditional church services!! Let's face it-many people aren't active in church these days. Why? Folks tell us often The sermons do not relate to daily living. Many church's traditions dictate a formal dress code Members are unfriendly to visitors many wonder about the quality of the teaching & development of their family and Personal life. DO YOU THINK ATTENDING CHURCH SHOULD BE ENJOYABLE, A CELEBRATION? IF SO, WE GOT GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! At Greater Works anyone and everyone will.. meet new friends experience a relaxed, casual, "come as you are" atmosphere enjoy exciting contemporary music hear positive, practical messages which uplift you each week If you do not have a church you attend regularly or you feel this is the ministry for you. Give us a try! We welcome everyone - young and old, all races and colors. We trust that you have will find worship experience at Greater Works to be comfortable, uplifting and enjoyable. Remember, "We Love You And You Can't Do Anything About it! I hope to see you again real soon. Joyfully, Elder Shawn D. Lipscomb, Pastor/Teacher

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Our Services & Events

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Our Staff

Elder Shawn D. Lipscomb

Donna L. Lipscomb

Jupiter Wilson, Jr.

Regina Lipscomb

Sheketta Dunson

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