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Covenant Life Worship Center

Paradise Hills Recreation Center, 6610 Potomac Street • San Diego, CA 92139 • United States • 619-475-0822 • COGIC

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Teaching Prosperity of the Spirit, Soul and Body!

According to the Gospels, our Lord Jesus Christ ministered to the 'whole' man. WE emphatize serving a covenantkeeping God, through a covenantlifestyle, enjoying covenant Promises, and reaping covenant benefits.

Special Ministries

* Single Parent Support Ministry * Joshua Generation Youth Outreach * CovenantMate Marriage Enrichment Conference * CovenantMate HOTLINE for confidental counsel and prayer for couples, ministers, wives of ministers who are facing crisises in their relationship, but with no confidental way to turn. Names, addresses, phone numbers, offerings or donation are not requested nor accepted. No personal contact information is ever requested other than an e-mail address for correspondence.

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Our Services & Events

Sunday Worship

10:00 AM

Adult Bible Study

7:00 PM Thursday

Youth Bible Study

6:30 PM Wednesday

Our Staff

Donnie W. Nelson I

Pastor/Teacher •

Mamie L. Nelson

First Lady •

David Philpot

Trustee Board Chairman, Deacon •

Brenda Martin

Church Secretary •