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The Lord is always ready to hear the cries of the broken hearted. Call on His name, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart, and He will listen to your cry. When you are at a low point in your life that is when you need Him. No matter how bad you think your sins are, He will forgive you and love you. I know, HE is the only way to go. Just when I thought my life was over, I turned to Him and confessed my sins. I humbly asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into my heart, and He did. The way of the cross is not easy, but it will save you and bring you to a new and glorious place. Fear will eventually leave you and you will experience a new sense of joy and purpose in your life. He came to save sinners. He is there, everywhere, omnipresent--all places at one time. He is that big and that loving. Put your trust in the Lord while there is still time, you won't regret it. --feel free to e-mail and chat.

When things are all wrong

Not too many of us are prepared for the worst when it comes upons us. How do we cope? If we turn our troubles over to the Lord, He is able to deal with them when we cannot. If it sounds simple, it really is. Trusting in the power of God means less reliance on your own power and abilities. Pray in Spirit and in Truth: Heavenly Father May Your Will be done, not mine-- Through Jesus Christ our Lord-- Amen. A lot of times we feel helpless to our worldly problems, and this is the time to ask and watch the power of the Lord work for us-- God Bless you all in your struggles. David

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