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Order of Incarnation (Ecumenical Catholic)

Post Office Box 93125, 7712 Navarro Place • Austin, TX 78709-3125 • United States • 512-280-9151 • Catholic

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Ecumenical Catholic Church

Part of the Universal Church. This organization is a constituent member of Christ's one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Chruch ("the Chruch"), which unites all Christians throughout the world and throughout history. Clergy Candidates. God calls people of various ministries with the Church. Some are called to a permanent, life-long ministry of commitment as deaons, priests, or bishops. We have male and female priests, some married, some not. Some with children some without. See our website at Everyone is welcome without condition as Christ welcomes all.

Order of Incarnation

A religious order of the Ecumenical Catholic Church. See website at, if you feel you are called to religious life as a brother or sister.

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Our Services & Events

Holy Eucharist

Sundays 7PM

Evening Prayer / Morning Praye


Sacrament of Christian Burial

On Request

Sacrament of Reconciliation

On Request

Sacrament of Matrimony

On Request

Sacrament of Blessings

On Request

Our Staff

Rob Hall

Monsignor / Abbot, Ordo Incarnationis •

Rob Hall

Monsignor •

Father John Decker

Associate Pastor •

Most Rev. Michael Frost

Prefect of Religious Orders •

Dr Mark Shirilau, Ph.D.

Archbishop & Primate •