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Cathedral of Love of the Golden Candlestick Church

29 Munbilla Drive, Kelso • THURINGOIWA, Queensland 4815 • Australia • (07) 4774 0774 • Pentecostal

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About us...

We believe in the FULL salvation of BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT for each INDIVIDUAL person who has accepted the word of truth, that the WORD was made flesh and dwelt among us, TOOK our sins in gethsemene, WHIPED for us, so that by his stripes we are HEALED, DIED on the cross IN OUR STED, BURIED and RESURRECTED and ASCENDED to the most high God, SO THAT WE MIGHT HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY...

Where are we...

From North Queensland: Senior Pastor Malitta Wano Pastor George Wano Pastor Ida Wano Evangelist Barry Voss Evangelist Harry Harry Youth Leader Sagi Mabo Youth Leader Hilda Mabo Ministry Postal Address: 29 Munbilla Drive KELSO 4815 City of Thuringowa, QLD. AUSTRALIA. Fellowship address : QCWA Hall CNR Leeds & Lancaster Street GARBUTT 4810 Citry of Townsville,. QLD AUSTRALIA. TO Central Queensland: Pastor Samson Tabua Co-Pastor Mary Tabua Evangelist Wasan Dow Ministry Postal Address: 35 Shiel Street NORTH ROCHHAMPTON Rochhampton QLD AUSTRALIA A f f i l i a t e d M i n i s t r i e s : INDEPENDANT WORLD CHURCH Cairns North Queensland. Pastor Nazereth Neilsen Co-Pastor Ethel Sambo MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD'S HOUSE Townsville North Queensland Pastor George Bero Co-Pastor Flossy Bero

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Our Services & Events

Praise and Worship

11:00am Sunday

Combined Denomination Service

7:30pm Sunday

Our Staff

Malitta Wano

Samson Tabua

George Wano

Harry Harry

Director of Evangelism •

Sagi Mabo

Director of Youth Leaders •