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St Bartholomews

77 Beulah Road, Norwood • Adelaide, South Australia 5067 • Australia • 8362 2227 • Anglican

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Founded in 1855, St.Bartholomew's existed before the Diocese of Adelaide and has known exciting growth as well as struggle for these 147 years. In recent decades, St.Bart's has actively sent and supported missionaries working with a variety of agencies both here and overseas. In more recent times there has been a call to refocus on the missionfield on our doorstep and so, with the work of the Parish Nurse with the older community, and Lynton's role as Chaplain to the Norwood Police and the Norwood Football Club ("Go the mighty 'Legs!") we are making contact with more and more people who do not have a spiritual home. In the second semester of 2001 our Playgroup has really got going and we now offer a 'Family Service' on the 1st Sunday of the month at 9.00am. One catchcry around the parish of St.Bart's is "We're not God, but we can put you onto Someone who is!"

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Our Services & Events

Holy Communion

9.00am, Sundays

Youth Service

11.00am, Sundays

Thursday Fellowship

10.30am 3rd Thursday

Parish Prayer Meeting

7.30-8.30pm, Mondays


10-11.30am, Fridays

Our Staff

Lynton Wade

Parish Priest •

Pat Watts

Parish Nurse •

John Potter

Church Warden •

Barb Jager

Playgroup Co-ordinator •

Ros Norris

Parish Secretary •