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WHO WE ARE: OCEAN OF LOVE Evangelistic church lnt'l is an end time assembly ordained by God to carry out Evangelistical end time message to all over the world,with the view of reaching to the most abandoned people of this world and bring message of hope to them.It is not only carrying out the message to the people has solved their immediate problems, but through the demonstration of love and caring among them.SO that their will be affected by through this demonstration. OUR BELIEF:We believe in three in one God the (TRINITY) the Father,theSon,the Holy spiritand also the ressurection and life everlasting.This church has been called to reach out to the ultermost part of the world with the word of God which is God Himself(John1:1).We also believe the power of the Holy spiritand speaking in new tongues. PREACHES: As no church called by God should work without the power of the Holy spirit,this church preaches,holiness,deliverance,sanctification,healing and salvation.This church has never lost sight by living contrary to what she preaches.However, the members are called with the spirit of dedication to live according to what they preach. STRATEGIES OF REACHING OUT :We have being so technical in our strategies of reaching or carrying out our evangelistical mission.However, inside this church,we have five existing ministries such as, Evangelistic ministry,Healing ministry, DELIVERANCE MINISTRY, Teaching ministry,and help ministry.To elaborate more on these existing ministries. EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY :This is the organ that carries out all our evangelistic assingments coupled with the great commission,according to( mark 16:15-18)(matt 28:19-20)"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit"Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you, and lo, I am with you always,even to the end of the age"Amen. Our primary goals was evangelism to every existing nations of the earth.In another development however,evangelism has being our system of life and aspiration.Prone to this evangelism, through this evangelistic organ,other organs are born with the information gathered through this organ that other organ like help ministry ,Teaching ministry,deliverance ministry and healing ministry would be involved in their area of their calling. TEACHING MINISTRY: This is an organ of the church that handles every aspects of teaching in the church and other places like unversities,colleges,primary school.They also organizes seminars ,crusades,and other christian programmes inside and outside the church.They also carry out their part of the great commission in another dimension.There are capable of carrying out their message through distribution of (tract and christian literatures)In this organ very many christian student movement are created on voluntry bases.There are made up of christian dedecated to this duty. HEALING MINISTRY: The bible correctly proves that healing is the bread of the children of God.Many have been healed through the healing power of our lord Jesus christ.This is the organ that through their spiritual gifts and charisma,the Lord has used them to affect thelives of many.There are powerful and effective.Dedication toward this goal,many young and old or experince people have been encourage to develop their spiritual life through this organ. DELIVERANCE MINISTRY:This has being the organ of the church that prepares to war against every power of darkness,because the bible affirms that"for we do not wrestle against the flesh and blood,but against principalities,against powers,against the rules of the darkness of this age,against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places"(Eph 6:12)This organ has relented to pull down all the stronghold of the enemies in the lives of people.We encourage our members to come out with boldness and share their exprince ,for we have not recieved the spirit of fear ,but the spirit of boldness. HHELP MINISTRY:This organ of the church has being the soldiers that do not shed-blood.They always gather together to share the burdens of those that have been abandoned in their different parts of the countries in which there are called upon to visit and care,share their love with themand comfort them as Jesus comforted His followers.If one may ask who are the most abandoned?the answer is not far fetching,these are the ophans,old peoples homes,remand homes and the widows without anyone caring for them.This duty is carried out through distribution of food items,clothing,sleeping materials.Above all however,to restore hope to them by encouraging them to understand thatJesus loves them and died for them as well. The ocean of love evangelistic church int'l encourages youth movement and childrn ministry.We train and educate our children with the fear of the God,with the view of proposing their tuturistic aspirations to a fulfilling end. OUR SLOGAN:The slogan of the ocean of love Evangelistic church is praise the Lord. OUR EMBLEM:There is the symbol of heart.surrounded with sky-blue indicating the colour of the ocean that syrrounds the heart which flows around the heart. MOTTO: The motto of this church is evangelism and good work.We try our best to be seen doing what is pleasing to the Lord. OUTSTANDING PRAYER WARRIORS:This church has an outstanding prayer warrior which is known as power house,where all these enumerated ministries draw their strength from.However prayer has being the ultimate key of success of this church. HOW DOES THE CHURCH DERIVES FINANCE TO MAINTIAN THESE EXISTING MINISTRIES INSIDE THE CHURCH. When a vision is initiated by man it suffers financial,setbacks,but when it is initiated by God, He provides .There is a popular expression that say"God's vision does not lack God provision"Jesus promises in matthew 28:20" that He is with us even till the end of time.It is not so easy to describe what is going on meanwhile,but i believe that my redeemer liveth.I so much believe God for what He has been doing with the present members .meanwhile,we areusing this medium to appeal for financial support to wish this vision a success.We also however,quest for sponsorship from any of the organisation that has like minded vision to support this church in order to carry out her goal to the fulness.we also appeal for evangelistical eqipment,such as film projector,Bibles,evangelical van,musical equipment and financial support to facilitate the demand. RELATIONSHIP WITH THE MEMBERS:Love has being the highest achievement this church has ever made.Love,caring and sharing. This church is know as caring family.We have so much been involved in our members life that none that leaves the church feels comfortable until he or she comes back.


There is an expprssion that says" whoever that quites does not succeed and whoever that succeeds does not quite. No vision is conquered by a single man.So bretheren, i urge you to encourage this vision.This is the vision of God and it must be kept alive.I encourage you to make it a success.You must have been blessed by God with a given talent and i urge you not to bury it like a wicked servant.keep the vision alive and God will keep you alivein all your ramification.Give and it shall be given to you good measure,pressed down,shaken together,and runing over will be given into your bossom.For with the same measure that you use,it will be measured back to you.(Luke6:38)above all ,for God is not unjust to forget your work and labour of love which you have shown toward His name(Hebrews 6:10) Rev.Mario O.Amas General overseer.

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