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Logan Temple A.M.E. Zion Church

302 South 32nd Street, • San Diego, CA 92113 • United States • 619-233-8780 • AME

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Church Focus for Year 2004 - Back to HOLINESS!

Holiness is RIGHT and there is no way around that. The bible encourages us to be ye HOLY for I am HOLY...saith the Lord (Lev. 11:45). Holiness has to do with having a RIGHT relationship with God which we know only comes by the accepting of JESUS Christ as our personal Saviour. (Romans 10:9) We don't always do what is pleasing in the sight of the Lord...but the idea must remain to press toward the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus (Phil 3:14). In pressing toward the mark our connection (relationship) with God becomes stronger. The MORE GOD...The MORE HOLY...and the LESS unholy!

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