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Praise Community Fellowship

PO Box 175, • Seacliff Park, South Australia 5049 • Australia • • Pentecostal

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A Missions Activated Church

A Ministry Fellowship Established Upon The Teaching, Praying, & Healing Ministry Of Jesus Christ (Matthew 4:23) To Enlarge The Kingdom Of God By A Relationship To God Through Jesus & The Holy Spirit (Luke 10:2) Preparing & sending international ministry teams to all nations including the Philippines, Fiji, and China, Cambodia, Vietnam and the United States.

What We Believe

We take literally the whole Bible and apply it to our lives, serving Jesus in love, honesty and sincerity. Love: Being able to spread the Gospel (Good News) to all people, regardless of nationality, race, or standing in the community. Being able to accept that people are different, talking to them, not down to them, or sitting in judgment of them and their problems, but, being able to show and express this love to see them all gain eternal salvation. Honesty: Allowing people to see ourselves for and what we really are. Being transparent enough for people to see Jesus Christ and the fruits of the Spirit working in our lives. Sincerity: Being built up in faith by prayer to stand upon ALL the promises that Jesus made to His followers and impart openly and willingly the message of salvation and healing to all.

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Our Staff

Mike Arthur

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