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Freedom Life Ministries

223 West Fleming Road, • Montgomery, AL 36105 • United States • (334) 281-3138 • Non-denominational

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The primary mission of Freedom Life Church is to win souls for Christ. Freedom Life is a ministry based on teaching the unadulterated Word of God. Our training classes are centered not just on learning the Word, but also on learning how to apply the Word of God to our everyday lives. Part of the vision of Freedom Life Ministries is to train members to win souls and then send them out into the field to draw others. to Christ.


Freedom Life Church is a "total family ministry." We believe in ministering to young people as well as to our adult members. Our Children's Church has its own curriculum with the goal of early training in the Word of God. We also try to instill in our children a love and reverence for God and His Word. Our youth ministry strives to assist parents in helping teenagers through their transitional years by making the Bible a reality for them. Youth services feature dynamic praise and worship, teen-oriented Word, and spiritual counseling. Couples Unified in Christ provides spiritual counseling, marriage seminars, and special events to help couples reach and maintain their full potential in Christ. The Joy of Being Single ministry has the goal of ministering to the needs of adult singles. JOBS helps Christian singles realize their God-given gifts and then use those gifts in promoting the gospel during their time of singleness(contact JOBS at

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Our Services & Events

Morning Service

10:30 a.m. Sunday

Bible Study

7p.m. Wednesday

Financial Independence Wkshop

2nd Sundays 7p.m.

Youth & Children's services

10:30a.m. Sundays

Singles & Couples Events


Freedom Life Academy

call (334)W 284-1461

Our Staff

Donald Ritchie

Pastor •

Lucille Ritchie

Administrator/Co-pastor •

Henry & Annetta Tate

Associate Pastors •

Sandra Jackson

Office Manager •

Lois Russell

Marketing Director •