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Victorious Life Fellowship

181 West Moreell Circle, • Norfolk, VA 23505 • United States • 757-200-5137 • Non-denominational

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Our Vision *To see Jesus seated on the throne of our hearts, homes, communities, cities, states, and the nation. *To take the gospel of Jesus Christ outside of the walls of the church, to the people, wherever they are. *To teach God's people how to be delivered, set free, and victorious in every area of their lives.


Omnipresent: everywhere at all times FACTS: *Omnipresent things are easily overlooked. Air is omnipresent. How much attention did you give to the very air you breathe today? *Omnipresent things seem to blend in with everything else. Gravity is everywhere. How many times did you point it out today? The omnipresence of God is the same way. How often do you point out God in the trees? In the supermarket? On your job? Yet, He is there. This explains why people in the worst situations can feel the conviction of the Holy spirit with no preacher, singer, or any other Godly influence around. To experience the omnipresence of God requires no preparation. No prayer, no studying, no repentance. Just live and you will experience the omnipresence of God. Therfore, the omnipresence of God is not dangerous to everyday, sinful, unrepented people. He made everything and is in everything, (St. John 1:3) One can have an experience with the omnipresence of God and backslide. Manifest: to make clear, evident, show plainly, reveal, to prove, to be evidence of, to appear to the 5 senses. Manifested things are easy to see, touch, smell, taste and hear. Manifested things do not blend in to anything. They are easily detected. the manifest presence of God is a high concentration of lGod in one place or the other. When God is concentrated in a place, He is unmistakeable!! He is undeniable. He is there and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!! Experienceing the manifest presence of God requires prepartation. (Exodus 19-20) It requires repentance, sanctification, purification and death. No flesh can glory in God's presence. He told Moses, "...No man can see me and live...) Therefore, the manifest presence of God is dangerous to everyday, unrepented and unprepented people. No one can have an encounter with the manifest presence of God and backslide. Yet we can encounter the manifest presence of God on this earth and live sinless lives, just as Jesus did. This is our goal! WANT THE BIBLICAL PROOF, EMAIL OR CALL US. WE WILL BE DELIGHTED TO SHARE THIS STUDY WITH YOU!! THERE IS NO COST OR OBLIGATION.

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Our Services & Events

Young Warriors (Sunday School)

9:00am Sunday

Tabernacle (Worship Service)

10:45am Sunday

Face Party (Corporate Prayer)

6:30pm Wednesday

Knee Deep (Bible Study)

7:00pm Friday

Our Staff

Q.M. Scipio

Andrea Scipio

Renitia Lancaster

Youth Leader •

Rukaiyah Lawrence

Worship Leader • none