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Blessed Hope Temple of Deliverance Church, Inc.

1840 South 5th Street at Miflin Street, • Philadelphia, PA 19148 • United States • 215-334-8530 • Pentecostal

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Youth & Children's Ministry

We here at Blessed Hope Temple of Deliverance Church offer an exciting and encouraging ministry to our youth & children. Understanding the need for our younger saints to express themselves, we have developed extensive service, ministries and activities, under the leadership of Sis. Vernetta Scruggs who is a dedicated youth and example to youth everywhere. We operate this ministry on a daily basis under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to meet the needs of todays youth and young people.

Dynamic & Youthful Pastor

Blessed Hope Temple of Deliverance Church has a very dynamic & youthful Pastor, in Elder Donald Jerome Gibson. He is a 37 year old young man full of the Holy Ghost & wisdom. Growing up in the church, he shares with the congregation daily & weekly,lively sermons and testimony of a committed and personal relationship with God. His teaching & preaching goes out to all ages in a way that gives the people of God something to grasp onto as they live day to day. He is stern in his conviction to build up the body of Christ through evangelism, prayer & faith walking in Christ Jesus. Knowing the truth and tranforming power of God he pursades men & women to follow Jesus and get to know Him in a personal way. This preaching brings about results. We love or Pastor and you will to as you witness the power of God on his life. Feel free to e-mail him at anytime with your questions, help request and/or seeds of love, that the ministry will continue to grow.

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Our Services & Events

Morning Worship

Sunday's 11:00 a.m.

Afternoon Worship

Sunday's 3:30 p.m.

Youth & Children's Ministry

2nd Sunday's 11:00pm

Power Enrichment Service

Thursday's 7:00 p.m.

Holy Communion - Served

Every 1st Sunday

Counseling Ministry

Upon request

Our Staff

Elder Donald J. Gibson

Pastor/Teacher/Organizer •

Derrick Thompson

Deacon's Ministry •

Andre Mack

Deacon's Ministry •

Vernetta Scruggs

Youth Leader •

Pamela Scruggs-Gibson

Church Administrator •