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Greater New Life Chruch And Outreach Center

392 University Ave., • St. Paul, Mn 55104 • United States • 651-222-1108 • Pentecostal

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The Church

Our church is a holyghost filled church where you can come be yourself. you can come get yo praise on any way you so desier god is moving in our chruch so come be apart of this move of god.


Hello to all of you my fathers children I greet you In divine love. We are very excited aobut the move of god in our church, but we need your help we woul like for you to become a covenant partner, being a covenant partner means you will send a donation to our church of your choice we are not asking you fo no specific amount of money just what god lays on your heart. please write to us we would like to put you on our mailing list we would like to send you information about our church and our newsletter (A-men) if you would like for us to send you an audio or video tape of our worship or bible study please write to us @ D.L. KEMP MINISTIRES 698 W. CENTRAL ST. PAUL MN. 55104 GOD BLESS YOU AND WE WILL BE LOOKING FOWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU YOURS IN CHRIST BISHOP D.L. KEMP FOUNDER AND SENIOR PASTOR

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Our Services & Events

Evangelisim Class/ Sun. School

Sun. 1:30pm


Sun. 2:00pm

"Lets talk About it"

Sun. 6:oopm

Eve. Woship

Sun. 7:30pm

Bible Study

Wed. 7:00pm


Wed. 8:00pm

Our Staff

D.L. Kemp

Sr. pastor Founder-Bishop • bishop-d@blackplanet

Metric Giles

Assoc. pastor-Elder •

Leon Roberts

Aide to the Bishop- •

Catina Issacs

Music Pastor •

Josiephine Powers

church mother •